Saturday, February 14, 2009

A wasket in your basket

Looks like a baby Wookiee to me! The wasket is from Dr Seuss's There's a Wocket in my Pocket. Some of you may have read that buying and reading the entire Dr Seuss collection was one of the goals on my list of 101 Things to To Before I'm 40. I'm one-third of the way there.

Other things I've done -

* I bought some indoor plants and they're still alive.

* I bought a set top box (Yay! ABC 2!) and a new DVD player, and made arrangements for the old DVD player to be collected for recycling.

* I retrieved an important file from my ancient PC - or, more accurately, the very helpful computer guru Julian retrieved the file for me. The old PC is also being collected for recycling.

* I've been flossing every second day.

* I've started my allergy elimination diet. I'm only five days in and have a ways to go yet. Completing the diet is one of my major - but less fun - goals.

* I've done a new will.

* I've registered to be an organ donor.

* I've visited the Skydeck at Eureka Tower and the Melbourne Aquarium and done a lap on the tourist shuttle.

* I attempted to go a week without dropping the F bomb but I'm not sure I achieved it. I was nearly there and was absentmindedly singing along to Inside Outside by The Grates which goes, "Every motherf*cker thinks they're born to dance...". Dagnammit! Does that count?

* I've gone for nearly a month without shopping at either Coles or Woolworths. (These are Australia's two dominant supermarket chains and it takes some effort - and sometimes extra expense - to do your grocery shopping elsewhere. But I'm willing to put up with the inconvenience to avoid giving my money to companies with questionable business practices).

* In a similar vein, I've got a copy of the Ethical Consumer Guide (just have to read it now).

* I've read six of the 40 books I plan to read this year.

* I started my photoblog.

...and some other stuff I can't think of at the moment.


Fantastic Forrest said...

Sounds like you are keeping very busy! I enjoyed the link to your lists. But I'm wondering if you truly have all of Seuss' works listed - I can't find The Butter Battle Book.

While I know you have plenty to keep you occupied, you might also add Dr. Seuss Goes to World War II: Editorial Cartoons of Theodor Seuss Geisel. I thought it was fascinating, and used it in teaching a political cartoon class once.

Stephanie said...

There's a Wocket in my Pocket! :D I love that book! Dr Seuss rocks.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Fantastic Forest. You could be right about me not having the full list. I got my list from the back of one of the books I already have, but I suppose it's possible that it isn't complete. I should do some proper research, hey?

I'll keep a look out for Dr Seuss Goes to World War II. Sounds interesting.

Hello Stephanie. And a Nupboard in my cupboard! I wish wocket was a real word. It's funny.