Sunday, July 1, 2012

On a mission


Today my mission was to defy the cold and dreary weather to head to the Fitzroy Nursery on Brunswick Street to buy some baby's tears so I can finally plant up my terrarium. Thankfully my mission was accomplished (the buying bit, not the planting), which made the cold and damp slightly more bearable. I got two little pots of baby's tears, and a faux mossy rock. 

Johnston Street, Fitzroy

I saw a man walking along Johnston Street who is surely the coolest of all the cool dudes in  Melbourne - black Fedora, dark sunglasses, sideburns, black pinstriped trousers and a long, black cloak. At first I thought it was Jack White. Jack will be doing shows in Melbourne in a few weeks, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility...

Is that Mr T in the front window/terrarium of The 
Magic Lantern on Brunswick Street? I do believe it is

I walked from Fitzroy back into the city and by the time I got there I was chilled to the bone, and my back and hips were aching. I stopped for a hot chocolate, which warmed me up from the inside out, before hopping on a tram for home.  I got home just before the rain started to get heavier. Good timing, me.

I know I've said this before, but I am so in love with my flat. When I'm out in the cold, the anticipation of coming home to a warm flat keeps me going. I've lived here for more than seven years now (the longest I've lived anywhere since I was 15) and I hope I never have to leave.


I spotted quite a few old signs on my wanderings. 

 King William Street, Fitzroy

J Barnes Clothing Manufacturer, Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy

 J Barnes Clothing Manufacturer continued

 Austral L.P.G and Petrol, Nicholson Street 

 AWS Knives - WH Blakely Pty Ltd - 
Little Lonsdale Street in the city
Westmore Crystal - Little Lonsdale Street 

Speaking of old signs, I came across this ace Coke sign on Pinterest. Not sure where it is - probably somewhere in America.

Delicious and refreshing

And look what remains of this chimney on Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy. The building has been renovated (the bit far left is new). Maybe they ran out of DIY enthusiasm, or they just liked it better this way.

I saw a poster on Brunswick Street for a band called the Perch Creek Family Jugband. 'That sounds like something I'd like', I thought. I looked them up when I got home and indeed, I do like them. I seem to have a knack for digging up music I like based solely on the name of a band or the way they look on their promo posters. I love me some harmonica and banjo. Yeehaw. They also have one of the more interesting band bios I've read.

Here's a video:

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