Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birds, birds, birds

I still don't have the energy to write about my weekend away and birthday (I am properly middle-aged now, you know). I promise to do it on the weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of birds that I took in the Waring Gardens in Deniliquin (except the first one).

An egret in the nearly empty Mulwala Canal

 These guys look like they mean business

More - but different - duck

Chubby duck

Unattractive Ibis

How do you like them feathers, eh? Eh?

This Corella was perched on the tree branch but just 
as I lined it up to take the shot, it took flight


piggywhistles said...

Love the bird photos, but I think you were a little hard on the ibis. He is quite attractive in his own way.

Jayne said...

Perhaps. It's mainly his beady little black eyes, set against his black feathers. There's just something a bit evil about it.