Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reunion, shanks, bonk!

I caught up with friends from my old job tonight. It was a farewell dinner for one of the secretaries who finished up today. I got a lovely surprise when the woman who used to be my cubicle buddy walked through the door. I haven't seen her since I left and didn't know she was coming.  It was great to see her. She's about my mum's age, and lots of fun and very cheeky. We had a good laugh. We all did. 

I ordered lamb for dinner - this time braised lamb shanks, which were delicious, but still not quite as spectacular as the lamb shoulder I had at Society recently. I really must buy that slow cooker. 

I'm not sure what this says about my sense of humour, but this photo of a panda falling head-first off a slide makes me guffaw. It's even funnier if you imagine a 'BONK!' sound effect like you'd hear on funniest Home Videos. 


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piggywhistles said...

Buy the slow cooker! It's lovely to come home in the evening to the delicious smell of dinner simmering away and meat falling off the bone.