Sunday, July 22, 2012

Signs from all over, old photos, weird words

I went to Collingwood and Brunswick today. I saw more old signs. 

Wholesale (bottom centre). Smith Street, Collingwood

 Tescosa Suits, Wellington Street, Collingwood

 Suzanne's, Smith Street

 Lavec Ind 51. Off Gertrude Street

Opposite the sign above - H Brooks. There were several buildings
 in this area with Brooks Buildings on their facades

Johnstons Furniture, Gertrude Street

I love these Commit No Nuisance signs. This is the first I've seen 
outside the CBD - in a laneway off Gertrude Street  (stupid shadow)

Speaking of old signs, here is a blog called Preserve, which features old signs mostly in New Zealand, but also some in Australia, and a few other places. 

There's also some great signage in this collection of fantastic old photos of New York from the New York City Municipal Archives  - and this one too.  

For those of you who love peculiar and amusing words as I do, here is a collection with quirky illustrations.  An example: tarantism is a condition characterised by an uncontrollable urge to dance. 

I have finished reading The Etymologicon. I feel a little bereft now. 

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