Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bread, bare, bird

I remembered to go to Morris Jones in Windsor for their fig and walnut banana bread today. How could I forget? I've been thinking about it all week!  It was served with cinnamon spiced ricotta and honey on the side. It was nice...but I think my expectations were very high.

It wasn't as well done around the edges as it looks!

Morris Jones is a fairly new restaurant and bar set up in a building that was a warehouse and furniture store  trading under the name H Morris Jones & Co from 1887 to 1910. The facade of the building still bears the name H Morris Jones & Co,  and the I love that the owners took it as the name of their business. They even restored the original facade. I'm not sure how much of the interior of the building is original, but I like the exposed timber beams and the way they've sanded back the paint on the wall to expose the brickwork.

It was a beautiful day today. We walked into the city in the afternoon and it was warm enough to bare my arms to the sunshine. In the middle of winter!

We saw the white-faced heron hunting in the reeds near the river bank on the way home. 

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