Wednesday, July 18, 2012

That's how I roll

Looking out the window behind my desk today. Luckily my 
co-worker pointed it out or I wouldn't have known it was there

I have rollerskates! before my birthday I tweeted that I was having trouble thinking of present ideas  - rollerskates were one of the few things I could think of that I wanted. 

I mentioned this to Luke but then pooh-poohed the idea because I thought it might be one of those things where the novelty wears off quickly, which isn't so bad for a gift that's inexpensive, but rollerskates are not inexpensive. 

But then one of my lovely Twitter friends replied to my tweet saying she had a pair of rollerskates I could have free and the size seemed about right. Yay! I got a little bit excited. 

Anyway, we arranged to meet for a hot beverage last Sunday for a handover of said skates. This was our first meeting too - I didn't even know what her real name was until we got to making arrangements for meeting! 

We had a natter over a coffee (for her) and a top-notch hot chocolate (for me) on bustling Degraves Street in the city. I do enjoy meeting my Twitter friends in the real world.  

When I got home the first thing I did was try them on and they fit! Well, I might need to wear a pair of thick socks with them, but essentially they fit. I tentatively rolled around my carpeted lounge room for a bit feeling very pleased with my new acquisition, and grateful for the kindness and generosity of  (almost) strangers. 

I mentioned on Facebook that I had some rollerskates and a friend (only a few years younger than I am) said she had bought herself white skates with the red glittery wheels last year because she had wanted, but never got them, when she was a kid. We're gonna have a skate date. Shame we don't still own a Walkman so we could be Wired for Sound a la Cliff Richard (google it, youngsters). 

It's been a long time since I have rollersktated so I'm going to need to practice...hopefully without making too much of a public spectacle of myself. Must avoid skating on the path beside the river...

Also on Sunday (man, I need to catch up), I got my nails painted again - this time black with silver glitter. As befits a 40-year-old...


a work in progress said...

please post a pic of your skates!!! I LOVE rollerskates (rollerblades are too posey) ;)

Jayne said...

I'll post a photo on the weekend. Too lazy to get off the couch now.

They're fairly plain - white boots with yellow wheels. I'm thinking they need some colourful shoelaces.