Monday, August 27, 2012

Above and beyond, mind over matter, homecoming

I bought two pairs of boots online last week (oops!) and they both arrived today, even though one came from New Zealand and the other from the US. The pair from New Zealand were from a store called Mischief Shoes. As well as my boots (which I love), the package contained a gift of a notebook, and a handwritten card telling me that they had already waterproofed my boots! I was very impressed. That's excellent customer service. 

I'm still going to the gym even though it's been a struggle of mind-over-matter the last few weeks (well, more of a struggle than usual). I've managed a couple of pretty good workouts despite my lack of energy. I'm getting much better at the hardest exercise in my program - three sets of 10 reverse lunges while holding a 14kg aquabag (a big, water-filled sausage).  It's still hard and I really dislike it, but I'll keep at it. 

Did I mention Luke is away? He's a bit over a week into a two-week visiting to England. I'm  quite happy being home alone, but I'm also looking forward to his return on Saturday night. 

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