Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beautiful Melbourne, stormy, distracted

Here's some beautiful videos that have been posted by a couple of my Twitter friends. 

The first is a timelapse video of inner Melbourne. 

The second is a timelapse of storms shot near Melbourne. Awesome cloudage! 
Speaking of storms, we had a very brief storm this afternoon. There was rain, hail and a few thunderclaps. It only lasted about five minutes and then the clouds cleared and the sun came out again.  Actually, the rain lasted a bit longer. I was in the boardroom at work and out one window there was sunshine and rain, but out the other window it didn't appear to be raining at all! It was weird. 

During the meeting I was distracted by a small segment of rainbow that I could just see out the window and also a little slice of the sun-sparkly Yarra reflecting off a glassy building on the south bank of the river. Fortunately the meeting didn't require much input from me. 

Another find via Twitter - what Dr Seuss books would be called if they were titled according to their subtexts. 

NB For those of you who read Gleeful via email, I noticed the other day the videos don't appear. If you want to see the videos, click on the title of the blog post, which is a link to the blog itself. 


missjane said...

These are lovely, and have capped off one of my regular I-love-Melbourne days. I've just got back from the Melbourne Writer's Festival launch, which was great (Simon Callow is a-mazing) and a friend has booked assorted previews for the MTC season next year so I am feeling terribly cultured. I'll have to book in some footy to balance it all out.

Andrew said...

I must be a real Melburnian as there was nothing in the time lapse video that I could not identify. It was nicely done.