Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Duck huddle, annoying but satisfying, daylight

I saw the ducklings again today...well, one of them.  Most were huddled under their mother's body (warm as duck down, I suppose). Only one was on the outer, but it was trying to snuggle back under. Father duck was watching on protectively from higher up the river bank. (I couldn't stop to take a photo. I really need to stop hitting the snooze button so many times.)

For the last couple of days at work I've been trying to sort out invoicing issues on a file that had been left in a shambles by a partner who recently left the firm.  It was a pain in the butt trying to get my head around it, but it was quite satisfying in the end. My boss referred to what I was doing as "analysis". Hehe.

I'm leaving work in daylight again. Yay! Spring is only a few weeks away - which means  Gleeful will soon be turning four. Four! I can't believe I've stuck at it so long.

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