Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Mali, more old signs

I saw more Mali sculptures in my travels this weekend. I'm not sure how many I've seen now, but still I'm well off 50. 

 Gordon Reserve, corner Spring and Macarthur Streets in the city

All that glitters is Mali, near the Old Treasury Building, Spring Street

 In front of the Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Street

Also in front of the Town Hall

The glass mosaic Mali directly above is my favourite so far. It must be the work of Deborah Halpern - it doesn't look the same as the illustration in the list but as soon as I saw it, I thought, "I know that face from somewhere...."

This is Angel, Halpern's best known work, which
 stands in Birrarung Marr, beside the river

I saw some old signs in Fitzroy and Abbotsford. I'm particularly pleased with the Commit No Nuisance sign because it was literally a case of 'blink and you'll miss it' as I walked past.

Off Rose Street in Fitzroy

Another Commit No Nuisance sign, well hidden in 
a narrow alley just off Brunswick Street

 Bates' Cocoa Mills, Bond Street in Abbotsford 

This sign is on the side of an old building. The sign on the front is shown in the photo below.    Thanks to Google, I can tell you the building started off as a school, and when the Bates cocoa company took over the building, they kept the sign on the front. Nice. 

Click here and scroll down to see an old picture of the building. (Brace yourself if you dislike the Collingwood Football Club).

Foster's Lager, on the side of the Terminus Hotel on
 Victoria Street, Abbotsford

The Terminus is on the edge of what is now a construction site. I think the demolition of existing buildings revealed this sign and I expect the new development will hide it again.

The sun shining through a gap in the clouds as I crossed the river

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