Saturday, August 18, 2012

The many faces of Mali

Here are some more elephants for you (especially you, Wendy). The sculptures are life-sized fibreglass likenesses of Melbourne Zoo's elephant calf, Mali. 

 Look at his elephant slippers! Melbourne Central, near the Shot Tower

 Beside St Paul's Cathedral

 Also at St Paul's

 Federation Square 

While I was taking a photo of this one, a woman asked me to take a photo of her and her two grandsons with the elephant. Of course I obliged. Then I saw them at every other Mali afterwards, and took a photo of them at each one! 

They had seen 23 of the 50 sculptures today. You can see a list of all of them and the artists who've decorated them here. One has even been painted by Mali himself! It's titled 'self portrait'. Teehee.  

 Wooly Mali by Mini Goss, also at Fed Square 

Yes, it's a knitted full-body elephant suit!

 Fed Square again 

 He looks happy 

Birrarung Marr, near Art Play.  This one was painted 
by one of Melbourne living treasures, Mirka Mora

 Also near Art Play

Birrarung Marr again 


Andrew said...

Bit of a snap moment happened here, on the same day. Yours are better of course.

Souri Sengdara said...

Have a look here ...

I tried to capture all 50 Mali Elephants in their location ...