Thursday, August 2, 2012

Redemption, anticipation, resurrection

The young lawyer who yesterday was unimpressed with the red blimp today offered me a Tiny Teddy biscuit. Perhaps his development isn't quite so arrested after all. 

I've made an appointment to have a 1-hour massage on Saturday. I can't wait. My efforts at the gym have improved my fitness and muscle tone, but a lot of the time I feel stiff and sore, especially my lower back, hips and between my shoulder blades. Not as young as I used to be...

A month or so ago, Luke bought a pot of coriander from the supermarket, which shrivelled and died almost the instant it was placed on our kitchen windowsill...all except for one or two little stems which have kept growing. It's slowly started to sprout more stems too. It's alive! 

I just realised I have forgotten to post a photo of my big terrarium. I won't take one now because the fern I planted also shrivelled up and died, so it's a little sparsely planted. The baby's tears are doing well so I might get some more of them. 

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cloudbusting2 said...

Going to the gym is good but why it has to be painful as well? Back problems are the worst.