Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday night

Seafarers Bridge

I went to DFO at South Wharf after work tonight. I bought some red shoes. When I left, it was raining lightly. I walked up to St Kilda Road to catch the tram home. 

The Polly Woodside was casting a pleasing reflection on the inky water. 

The bare trees along the river are festooned with fairy lights. It's quite magical. 

There was also a painted elephant. 

This is one of 50 elephant sculptures decorated by artists and placed around the city as part of Melbourne Zoo's 150th anniversary celebrations. I've seen several of the others in Birrarung Marr, Federation Square and the mall. I'm a big fan of Melbourne's penchant for whimsical sculpture. 

I walked past the revamped Hamer Hall for the first time since it reopened a few weeks ago. It used to have its back turned to the river, but now it opens out on to the Yarra. That dark, dismal underpass thing is history. It looks great. 

 Looking towards Princes Bridge

 Back in the other direction

The St Kilda Road frontage

I love the reflections made by rain. 

I was really glad to get home, especially as I wasn't paying attention, missed my tram stop and had to walk much further than I would have liked on my already sore feet. I don't know how I managed not to notice that we'd turned the corner into Park Street. 

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piggywhistles said...

Melbourne looks very pretty by night. Love the sound of the red shoes.