Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dark and drizzly, golden hour, even better best

Sunset is over there ---->

It was dark and drizzly when I got up this morning. It doesn't raise the spirits like getting up to a flat flooded with sunlight, but there's a coziness - or something - about it that appeals to me. I like having a shower in the dark. (I should note that my building is always warm in the cooler months so rising on cold mornings isn't such a shock to the system...and I don't get up until around 8.00am).

It was cold and drizzly all day. The sun only showed up as it sank towards the horizon. I can't quite see the sunset from my office at the moment, but I get to enjoy the golden hour every afternoon. Around the time I took the photo above, the bay was a calm icy blue and a container ship was lit orange by the rays of the sun. It looked very serene. 

I've had an aching back for a little while and today I remembered I had a heat pack in my drawer, so I gave it a spin in the microwave and stuffed it down the back of my skirt, which was fine when I was sitting down, but when I was walking to the kitchen it fell out the bottom of my skirt onto the floor as if I'd laid an egg. 

Speaking of my skirt, it's one that I haven't worn in a year or more. I held it up to myself and didn't think it would fit, but it did. 

I was wrong about my bed-to-desk personal best! I'm down to 50 minutes now, not 52! I predict it will never be bested.  

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