Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Yoga, that boring job, a fast/slow week

Today I did a yoga class organised by the social committee at work. It's the first of four classes I've signed up to do, for a mere $20 (in total). I enjoyed it, although I felt like the least flexible and most wobbly one there. Something to work on... 

I spent most of my day sorting out my boss's Outlook contacts, a job that's been on my to-do list for ages. There's a lot of duplicate (and some triplicate) contacts, and about half are incorrectly filed by first name (seriously, who does that?). Not a particularly stimulating job, but a good one if you're too tired to do much else, and it's almost as therapeutic as having a physical clean out. 

I can't believe the last day of my week is almost here already. The days have dragged this week because I've been sleepy and not very busy, but now it's almost the weekend!  (Have I published any posts lately that don't go on about how great working four days is? I don't believe I have!) 

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