Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wintry, warm, speedy

My new winter coat got its first outing today. Its the first time I've worn any winter coat all year because I haven't been feeling the cold (until I get to my office and then I'm always cold).  There's a few wintry days ahead. so no doubt my new coat will get out of the closet again. 

It's wintry outside right now, but I'm warm inside on the couch looking out at it. 

I got from bed to desk in an hour today. It's not my personal best, but I still got a little kick out of it.  (My PB is 52 minutes, which I think will be very hard to beat.)

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Margaret said...

Hi Jayne good to see you back here regularly.
If you wear a singlet or camisole (try cotton first) it will really make a difference to feeling cold at work and wont look bulky under your clothes, if that is not enough, you could add a dressy scarf, it is amazing what a difference it makes when your neck is warm and if you get busy and warm, easy to take off.

The scarf doesn't have to be winter fabric or bulky to work and there are many ways to wear that don't fly about and get in your way. Natural fibres like cotton or linen will keep you warm but not make you hot, pick up a few at an Op shop to see how it goes,white, cream, navy or pale blue, just choose a few that go with your clothes.

Hope this helps to keep you warm.