Friday, May 27, 2016

Soo-pear warm, no waiting, many steps

Heart of bark

I remembered yesterday that I bought fleece-lined tights last winter. I wore them them today (even though it wasn't quite as cold as yesterday). They're very cosy; my legs weren't cold at all. I also wore my super-warm parka that's like going out with a doona wrapped around me.  No part of my person was cold. 

I was in a shop this afternoon filling in time before an appointment when a shop assistant approached and asked if I knew about their special deals. She had a French accent and she was utterly gorgeous. When I said I did, she replied, "Super", but it sounded like "soo-pear". I fell in love with her instantly. 

I went to Medicare and the post office today around lunch time and barely had to wait at all.  
Two buses went by one after the other as I was walking to the bus stop late this afternoon. I expected to have to wait a while for the next one, but then another one appeared almost straight away! That never happens. 

It's nearly 10.00pm and I've racked up 19,145 steps. That's A LOT. I was up a little earlier than I am on a work day and had appointments in Hawthorn, the city, Carlton and then Richmond so I sure got around (on foot, tram and bus). 

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