Thursday, May 19, 2016

Exceeding expectations, superfast, spooky

I had my annual performance review this morning. It went very well. I'm exceeding expectations. I showed my boss the email from a senior associate I used to work for in which she said I was the best secretary she'd ever come across, and he said to attach it to my review form to go to HR, so I did. If I don't get a pay rise after they see that, I'll be rather cross.  

Today flew by superfast (even though I spent most of it doing the same things as yesterday) and now it's my weekend! 

I arrived at the tram stop just as my tram home arrived (I was too sore from yoga to walk tonight, I'm so out of shape).

The moon was shining through light clouds and looking very spooky as I walked from the tram stop. 

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