Monday, May 16, 2016

I'm walking, trivia, tooth fancier

I walked all the way home after work today for probably only the second or third time this year. I've been walking half way home quite often, but I've decided I need more exercise, so I'm going to walk the whole way more often. It's a 40-minute walk at a brisk pace.  

I've actually missed the walk - seeing the reflections of the city lights on the dark river, keeping an eye out for water birds and, of course, avoiding crowding on the tram. 

I only caught a glimpse of a bird on the wing tonight, but I did see a few patches of mushrooms on the river bank. 

My firm is having another trivia night in a few weeks. Yay! I love trivia nights. My team came fourth last year, so our aim is to better that. Or, you know, win. 

Are you gomphipothic? The meaning is as amusing as the word itself - to be excited by a lovely set of teeth. Whatever floats yer boat... 

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