Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cool cat, new hair, berry delight

How you doin?

I have been without my sunglasses for a week while new lenses are being fitted. As much as I'm enjoying our unseasonally warm weather, the sunshine is killing my eyes. I'm a giant walking squint.  My face is one big crow's foot. So today I bought some cheap sunglasses to tide me over.  Of course I can't see properly, but look at me! I'm so cool! *laugh* 

I got my hair cut and coloured today. It was looking pretty faded and shabby before. It's like I have a brand new head now. 

I had strawberries and raspberries with whipped cream for dessert tonight. Yum. Raspberries are my favourite berry. They creep me out a bit with those tiny hairs and that hole, but looks aren't everything. 


Andrew said...

Noted, no mention of Luke.

Jayne said...

He's still on the scene. Five years now.