Saturday, October 30, 2010

Early, rainy, fruity

 I found another one (and I wasn't even looking
for it).  Rose Street, Fitzroy

I got up at 6.30 this morning. Yes, I know it's the weekend. I've been waking up at almost exactly 6.15 for the past few days and I thought it might do me good to listen to what my body's trying to tell me, rather than giving in to my brain when it screams "ME NEED MOOOOOORE SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!".

I'm still tired, but the day seems so much longer when you get up early, and you can pack so much more in. I've had quite a productive day. I'd like it if I could make a habit of this (especially on work days).

I woke up with a craving for juice which was nicely quenched by a carton of apple and passionfruit juice. Yum. I love passionfruit - the taste and the smell.

It's been raining all afternoon. I  don't mind, especially since it isn't particularly cold. I had a gluten free kebab on Brunswick Street and watched people jumping puddles and running to get out of the rain as droplets coursed down the window in front of me.  

I like almost all the songs on Lisa Mitchell's album Wonder (the tour edition), but I'm really enjoying her cover of Dire Straits' Romeo and Juliet and look! Here's the song, if not a proper video.

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Anonymous said...

after reading your post from the other day i went and downloaded a stack of lisa mitchell songs (serioulsy about 5 minutes before a certain music website was shut down)...have listened to a few and quite like them....did you follow up loene carmen???