Sunday, October 31, 2010

Men of Letters, crepes, music binge

Today I went to the inaugural Men of Letters, an event at which a very impressive line up of Australian creative types including Bob Ellis, Paul Kelly, Eddie Perfect and Tim Rogers, read out letters they had penned to women who changed their lives. 

It was a perfect mix of humourous, heartfelt and  poetic letters, and also a few songs. All this as well as yummy mini cupcakes served to our table by co-curator Marieke Hardy in the fabulous Thornbury Theatre.


My friend Luke and I had brunch before the show at a nearby cafe - I had a delicious crepe filled with summer fruit and topped with honey and yogurt. Who knew brunch could be so tasty without any bacon in it?

My music binge continues

I've been downloading heaps of music lately. My latest 'discovery', thanks to the iTunes 'listeners also bought' feature, is Fabienne Delsol, a Frenchwoman  living in England, who sings catchy retro ye-ye style pop songs - some in French, some in English, and several covers of Serge Gainsbourg songs from the 60s like this one: Vilaine fille, Mauvais garçon (Naughty Girls and Bad Boys).  

Coincidentally, Fabienne Desol is signed to the same label as Holly Golightly and Ludella Black whose albums I've also bought in the past few months, but I came across Fabienne when I was downloading a song by Lisa Mitchell. It's like the internet knows me.

I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW!  I haven't really planned anything except going to see Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones with a friend tomorrow night.  I want to finally complete my self-guided Walking Melbourne tour either tomorrow or Tuesday too (what horse race?).


cassiopeia said...

I found this post while googling men of letters. I was there today and am really keen to see some photos!
Nice blog too. :)

Frisky Librarian said...

Hello and thank you! Isn't the internet great?

I didn't even think to take any photos, but someone was taking photos there. Maybe for the Women of Letters Facebook page?

a work in progress said...

i won a pass to the premiere of the Serge Gainsbourg biopic and went and saw it the other night...the bits when he was a kid were fascinating (giant imaginary alter-ego puppets created by the team that did Pan's Labrynth) but at just shy of two hours it was waaaaay too long. It seemed to turn into a litany of how self-absorbed he was and who he had shagged! (Laetitia Casta was great as Bardot). Soundtrack was, of course, awesome ;)

Frisky Librarian said...

I was planning to go and see the Gainsbourg biopic. I didn't really know anything about him, but I saw the trailer for it a few weeks back and I liked the *look* of it. Then after downloading the Fabienne Delsol album I did a bit of research online. Seems like his sex life is as big a part of his story as his creative life.

I'll still go.

fullyfashioned said...

Sounds like it would have been a great show! I just down loaded a rockabilly compilation and the "songs from Mad Men" album- hooray for new music!!