Monday, October 11, 2010

My big day out

Last night I set my alarm for 9.00am and when it sounded, I turned it off before deciding I wanted another half hour's sleep. But I accidentally reset it to 9.30pm and I woke up without an alarm AT EXACTLY 10.10am. On 10/10/10, people!  What are the chances, eh?

Anyway, I was a bit slow to get going, but I did eventually emerge from my flat into an absolutely stunning spring afternoon. I walked to Collingwood and Fitzroy and wandered about the backstreets and the main roads with my camera, enjoying the grunge and the diversity.

I live in a suburb marked with the prettiness of affluence, and while I do like that, it turns out that I love urban decay. My suburb is also very vanilla, and Collingwood and Fitzroy certainly have a lot more flavour.

If I ever have to leave my flat, I'm definitely moving north of the river. Maybe I could find a place to rent on the street in Fitzroy I wandered into today that shares my last name? I never knew it was there!

From Fitzroy I headed into the city via the Carlton Gardens with its fabulous fountain, and then to the NGV's Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square where I visited Stormy Weather, an exhibition of contemporary landscape photography, and a couple of other exhibitions. I liked the landscape photography the best, especially the work of Nici Cumpston

It's been a long time since I've been to the Ian Potter Centre. I really like it as a space - it's so light and airy and geometric, and the recessed windows scattered around are like art works in themselves - you can't help going up to them to see what you can see framed in them.

I caught a tram home (I'd been on my feet for nearly 5 hours), pottered about for a while, then walked back into the city beside the calm, black river for k@osmos  in the Alexandra Gardens, which was pleasant. From where I was sitting, I could see a little smile of a moon hanging between the Arts Centre spire and Eureka Tower.

And now to bed.

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