Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yay for savings and debt reduction! And stupid rhymes!

I got my tax return back yesterday. It was a tidy sum that I've very sensibly -  but boringly - used to pay off a whack of my credit card and boost my savings. No new shoes or holidays for me. Yeah, I know. Yawn.

Well, actually, I happen to think the satisfaction of seeing my (very modest) debt shrink and my (also very modest) savings grow outweighs the relatively fleeting pleasure I would get from nearly everything I would contemplate buying with my tax windfall. I don't know any shops that sell the kind of peace of mind that comes from having your shit together.

The number of times I have written about the pleasure of sensible and boring things is starting to worry me a little.... perhaps I should stress that the money I'm saving will eventually go towards a holiday. If I'm still employed as a temp at Christmas (and even if I'm permanent), I'm going to get little or no paid leave, so I need to plan ahead. And of course I'm saving for my next overseas adventure, wherever that might be.

(Interestingly if you google images for 'peace of mind', that graphic up above is the fourth image that pops up and it's from Completely tangentially, if you google images for 'cranky' the first two results are pictures or monkeys. Obviously.)

Stinky coinkydinky

You know the Bog of Eternal Stench from the 80s movie Labyrinth? No? Neither do I (I've never seen the whole movie), but I am tickled by the fact that I heard two references to said stinky bog in the past 24 hours - one from a friend and one during a Fringe Festival show.

I'm also rather pleased with that heading up there: stinky coinkydinky. Rhyming is fun, even when the words are made up.

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