Thursday, June 16, 2016

1000 posts, holidaying, three-in-one

Before I launch in to today's post, I've only just noticed that yesterday's post was my 1000th! HAPPY 1000TH BLOG POST TO ME! 

Now back to usual programming...I'm off to Brisbane! I arranged my leave from work this morning and then booked my flights and accommodation straight away. Got a pretty good deal too. I'll be in Brisbane's (hopefully) sunnier climes from 22-28 July. Now to plan!

Part of me feels I shouldn't be spending money on a holiday given I'm trying to boost my savings with a shopping ban, but I did only challenge myself to stop buying shoes, clothes and accessories, not spending money on everything. Plus science says spending money on experiences increases happiness more than buying things, and I'm all about the pursuit of happiness. 

I will possibly cross three things off my Things to Do List with this visit - visiting Brisbane (which I thought was on my list, but it wasn't. Of course I added it just so I can cross it off) and hopefully meeting my longtime online friends, Victoria and Gillian. We've 'known' each other since our Myspace days - possibly as long as 10 years! - but have never met in real life, so that would be splendid indeed. 

I had a delicious Reuben sandwich for lunch today. A bit naughty since it was glutenous and carbalicious, but I'm hoping the sauerkraut will compensate...except that they also threw in a very generous handful of pretzels and I had to eat them because pretzels. They also gave me a complimentary Mentos to see to the sauerkraut breath. Thoughtful! All that and I was able to buy it online and have it delivered to reception at my work (the perks of working in a very large office tower). I bought it from Mason Dixon, if any locals are curious. 

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Gillian said...

Look at this - posting a comment on your blog instead of FB or email :-)

I am VERY excited to have you come to Brisbane and look forward to meeting you. I must admit I was thinking it must be about 10 years too. I think something came up on FB saying I'd been on there 8 years and I had been on MySpace for a couple of years before that - you and Diana were my first friends there :-)

Let me know if there's something you definitely want to do - I'm more than happy to drive you where you need to go. I'm going to try to get days off work on either side of the weekend in case you want to do things together....if not I won't knock back a sleep in ;-p

If you're staying in CBD you're very close to theatre, state library (which is very modern), the art gallery, the modern art gallery, museum and science museum - they're just a walk across the river (given you're a big walker) and all in more or less the same area - right next to South Bank. I think there's a free city bus that flits about too.