Saturday, June 25, 2016

A visitor

I was lazing about in bed late this afternoon after a nap when Luke arrived home from the supermarket. He called out to me and said he had a friend to see me. What the? I came out into the living area and there was our neighbours' cat! He was walking around inspecting and sniffing everything. 

I first met him a few weeks ago when his owners got home as I was walking up the stairs and he came out of the door miaowing at them. I wanted to steal him away because I love 'blue' cats and I miss having a moggie. 

He was on the stairs again when Luke got home tonight, apparently locked out of his flat, and he followed Luke in to our place. He spent a good 10 minutes investigating and enjoying some pats, but then he started miaowing with intent. I gave him half a tin of tuna, which he gobbled up. 

He wandered around a bit more then settled down on the back of the couch. After a while he heard the door of his flat open and away he went. I hope he visits again. 

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