Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A new challenge

Today is the first day of a new challenge I have set for myself: to go for the rest of the year without buying any clothes, shoes or accessories.  That's 213 days of no shopping. 

I know that probably doesn't seem like a big deal to many people, but for me it is. I'm not really interested in fashion, but I love clothes and I care a great deal about how I present myself (particularly with the goal of not looking like everyone else).  I enjoy thinking about what to wear each day. I wouldn't call myself a compulsive shopper, but it's rare for a week to go by where I don't buy anything new and, as a result, I have amassed a huge wardrobe and a gazillion pairs of shoes. I have more than enough...

...which just happens to be the name of my new blog where I will share my new frugal(ish) ways. I haven't finished setting it up and there are no posts yet, but when it's live I'll post a link. 

It's won't just be about not shopping though. Thinking about overcoming my bad shopping habit got me thinking about other bad habits I'd like to change: spending too much time mindlessly scrolling online when I'm at home, looking at my phone for ages after I go to bed, and sleeping too much on weekends. 

Combined, these habits mean I waste a lot of time that could be spent doing more worthwhile, meaningful, soul-enriching things. Actually living.  Being more mindful and more present, Interacting with people in real life. Reading more books. Giving my full attention to television shows that interest me, instead of watching with one eye and half my brain. Sleeping when I should be sleeping. 

So rather than simply breaking my excessive shopping habit, I'm giving myself a proper kick up the bum. 

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