Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top to bottom, just in time

The view from the top...almost

I went nearly to the top of my building today - level 53 of 54 (I work on 38). It's currently vacant and it was used for fire warden training. It's a great view. 

I also went to the basement of the building. It's in the midst of a major redevelopment and the Flinders Lane entrance has been closed off, so we need to exit via the basement carpark. I found the short cut, which must have puzzled the woman who got out of the lift ahead of me. First I'm behind her and then there I am, out in front! Hahaha, I'm magic! 

I caught the wrong tram home tonight (I've only been catching the same tram for 11.5 years). Fortuitously, I realised it wasn't my tram just as it arrived at the intersection where the bus that runs past my place stops. I didn't have to wait very long for the next bus either. 


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