Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fast Tuesday, weird words, badge

Hosier Lane in the city on my way home this evening

Tuesday morning also passed by quickly, which doesn't usually happen to me. Tuesday is my least favourite day of the week, but today it was OK. 

Check out this A-Z of Weird Words by crossword guru David Astle created in response to a challenge by Melbourne's Wheeler Centre.  I've actually heard of a few  - acnestis, panjandrum,  quidnunc and velliety (spellcheck doesn't know any of those, the dumbass). 

I see the Wheeler Centre is having an Adopt-a-Word drive to help support its work in the literary world. It's $85 to adopt a word, but I'm almost tempted just because you get a badge...oh, it's just an e-badge. Damn. I want a real badge.  Maybe I could have it made up myself. 

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