Friday, June 10, 2016


My firm trivia night was on last night and my team was victorious! Wooh! We led all the way from the start to better our fourth place from last year. Once again I was the only secretary on a team of lawyers, but I punched well above my weight. There were three partners on my team and it was fun telling them when there were wrong. Honestly, who doesn't know Madonna sang Papa Don't Preach, not Cyndi Lauper? The guy in the photo below, that's who!

Our trophy, variously known as Dopey, Norm and Greg

I patted not one, but two, cats when I was out and about today. I love it when I get to pat cats. Sometimes I badly want to have one of my own again. 

 Cat 1 (who was a bit camera shy)

Cat 2

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