Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another happy coincidence

Another serendipitous discovery has brought me joy today. Happy little coincidences seem to be happening to me more often since I launched Gleeful, which is a tiny bit spooky, but pleasing.

Last week I vowed to avoid shopping at the two supermarket chains that dominate Australia's fresh produce and grocery sector, after a report on TV exposed their less than exemplary business practices.

But it has turned out to be more difficult than I expected, particularly as I'm not made of money, I have numerous dietary restrictions, I don't own a car and I want to buy local, eco-friendly products.

I wrote a post about my frustration on my Myspace blog last night after walking away almost empty handed from my local fresh food market and Aldi store yesterday. Then today I saw an ad in the paper for an online organic store that home delivers. Initial investigations suggest it's quite reasonably priced.

This could solve my problem with the click of a mouse! Yay!


I saw a man at at the traffic lights today wearing a kilt with thongs (or 'flip-flops' for my American readers. What you call a 'thong' we Aussies call a G-string. No, I don't know why.)

What's with the happy coincidences? Is it just lucky randomness? Is the universe looking after me?


Victoria said...

Qui cherche trouve...

who seeks, finds.

I had a gleeful day too :) i won an auction on ebay for a pair of gorgeous Le Corbusier-designed chaise longes for the killer price of $256!!! (they retail for around $1K each)
can't wait to pick them up! woo hoo! look out for pics on myspazz ;)

Glee Girl said...

I like that. Maybe I am just taking more notice?

Your chaises sound delightful. And what am unbelievable bargain - or is it spaving? ;) Who cares? Enjoy!

I eagerly await the pics. I am imagining your reclining on your chaise reading one of your many second-hand books (OK, so it's probably more likely to be a text book).

Urban Panther said...

We call them g-strings to, but they tend to refer to the scanty undergarments worn by strippers..sorry, exotic dancers..both male and female. Thongs are worn by the rest of us...well the rest of us females. Not too sure how many men where Man Thongs..or at least admit to it. *grin*

Urban Panther said...

My god, my allergies are worse than I thought for affecting my brain. The typos in my comment were horrific! LOL

Glee Girl said...

@ Urban Panther. Oh, thanks for clearing that up (and it sounds the right if you read it out loud. Don't you hate it when your fingers get a mind of their own? I need to get one of those widgets that allow people to edit their comments after posting).

Anonymous said...

Ah, if I had a dollar for every time I saw a thong wearing kiltman...