Monday, September 29, 2008

Culinary achievements and soccer dog

I had home made chicken rice paper rolls for lunch today - home made by me. I even whipped up the dipping sauce. It was all tasty and I was very pleased with myself.

I was particularly pleased with myself because I am in the midst of an allergy elimination diet which mainly restricts me to eating bland food, so to make something that I would eat even if I didn't have to is a joy.

I will be eating them every day for months now!

Bend it like Fido

I saw a dog playing soccer with his owners in the park tonight. They kicked the ball, he chased after it, stopped it with his body and then dribbled it back to them using his nose. He has quite a star performer and put a smile on the faces of everyone walking past.

What's your proudest culinary achievement?


Marelisa said...

What are chicken rice paper rolls? And that dog sound fantastic!

W4Wend said...

Cooking two home made from scratch yummalicious domestic goddess style in the same week for do's at work.(Lemon Coconut Slice and Orange Cake with Orange Icing using freshly home squozen orange juice)
Unfortunately the dos at work were because nearly everyone I care about left over the last few months.

Glee Girl said...

Hi Marelisa...Rice paper rolls are a light Asian dish - meat and/or vegies and rice noodles wrapped in rice paper (a bit like a dim sim wrappers) and served with dipping sauce.

Hi Wendy...yummy! At least your work friends got a fitting send off from you. I hope you're coping without them OK.