Monday, September 22, 2008

Warm woollen mittens, thunder and frockage

The cold weather hasn't relinquished its hold on Melbourne just yet, but it's OK. It means I get a little more wear out of the purple mittens my mum knitted for me a few years back. They're quite impractical, but I think of her when I wear them. (She lives interstate, I only see her once or twice a year).


The city was dark and gloomy beneath menacing storm clouds (cumulonimbus clouds!) when I left work tonight. I love that palpable sense of expectation that precedes a thunderstorm - well, actually, I love the storms too (bearing in mind that big storms are few and far between here and don't usually cause much damage). I can hear a few distant burbles of thunder as I type, but no storm so far.

Guilty pleasures
  1. Watching Australian Idol, although mostly I forget it's on.

  2. Checking out the frockery at awards ceremonies, like the Emmy's and tonight's Brownlow Medal (the best and fairest award in the Australian Football League) and...OK, I admit that I get more of a kick out of scoffing at the shock frocks (that's why Go Fug Yourself is one of my fave blogs!)

Got any garments with sentimental value? Do you have good storms where you live? Anyone willing to reveal their guilty pleasures?


Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Oh I luuurve doing the 'frock watch' at awards ceremonies. And sure i like to see the best dressed and to covet their shoes (sigh, shoes I can't afford) but best of all are the WHAT WERE YOU THINKING dresses. Love those!

Victoria said...

I LOVE go fug yourself...sooooooooo funny! In fact, I think you got me on to that Jayne! Cheers :)

Meri said...

There's a scarf from Spain from an ex-boyfriend, too nice to be thrown or given away... Lately even in Central Europe storms are not "good": bringing trees down and destroying our gardens and orchards with hail... Chocolate could be defined one of my most guilty pleasures...

Anonymous said...

Talking of clothing in the "what were you thinking?" ...Princess Mary's wedding...her father's Kilt was waaay too short, goodness knows what Frederic's mother saw !

Glee Girl said...

Hi Anon. Teehee. I missed the skimpy kilt! Might have to see if I can find a pic on google.