Thursday, September 25, 2008

The letter of glee

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I found out tonight that my apartment building is going to be auctioned next month. I know that doesn't sound like good news, but it is!

You see, the building was sold to developers last year and they were granted planning approval to redevelop the site in June. I was expecting to be turfed out on the street before the end of this year.

But no! They are offloading the property, which means there is a possibility I will get to stay here indefinitely. I have all my digits crossed. It's uncomfortable not knowing for certain what will happen, but it's such a relief to know that maybe, just maybe, I could get to stay.

This is the best place that I have ever lived - and quite possibly will ever live. It's my haven, my own little nest, with awesome views of the city skyline and the sun rising over the hills. It has free central heating and is always warm and cosy. It is full of light and I love to lie on the couch in the sun and read the weekend papers. I'm next door to the river and the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens (above). I'm walking distance to the city, to Melbourne's major sports and entertainment venues, to great shops and bars and restaurants.

Living here contributes immensely to my happiness. But you know what? Finding out I might have to move out has made me appreciate living here even more. When you start to take something for granted, you don't get the same amount of pleasure from it. Knowing something could be taken from you soon makes you want to revel in it while you can.

I plan to keep revelling.

21 degrees in Melbourne tonight

I correctly guessed the temperature on the Nylex clock (below) tonight. I always have a guess at what the temperature is before the clock comes into view around the bend of the river as I walk home. I get a silly little buzz out of it when I get it right. Tonight is the first time I've got it right for a while.

I also like it when the temperature is 11 degrees, because it matches the lyrics of Leaps and Bounds by renowned Aussie singer/songwriter Paul Kelly -

I'm high on the hill,
Looking over the bridge
To the MCG.
And way up on high,
The clock on the silo
Says eleven degrees.

What things give you a silly little buzz?


Small Footprints said...

What a lovely site ... your optimism comes through in every post and ... it's contagious.

I believe that there is good in every change and that changes are like upgrades, improving the current condition of one's life. Sometimes a change feels like it's going to hurt us but the reality is that it, more often than not, helps us. True ... it sometimes takes looking for that silver lining ... but then ... everything is about attitude, right?

It seems to me that whether or not your home stays put or goes ... you'll by happy! Thanks for starting my day out with positive, happy thoughts!

Small Footprints

Lance said...

Maybe this is good new - I hope it is for you. It's nice to find a "nest" that we enjoy - one that really says "home". And, I love your positive attitude going into this - that's awesome!

Carla said...

You have such a positive attitude about life. I'm glad I found your blog (actually you found ME first!) and will read it every chance I get!

Anonymous said...

A friend was enduring cancer treatment when someone said to her"sometimes things don't happen to you they happen FOR you, you just have to find the reason" This was very helpful when I was going through a divorce...SO if ever you have to move , it may be FOR you at the time.
Thank you for your words of glee !
One of the best feelings is when you own your "nest" it doesn't matter how small or rundown it is when it is truly "yours" it is your sanctuary.

Glee Girl said...

Hello small footprints. Thank you! That is music to my ears - I always hoped that this blog would help to spread the glee, not just focus on my own. You've given my day a nice positive start too.

And you're right. I will be happy whatever happens. I had come to terms with having to leave here at some stage and even started to see the move as a new chapter - a chance to clean out some clutter, a new neighbourhood to explore etc - so either way, it's all good!

Hi Lance. It sure is great to find your own nest. I always look forward to coming fact, I probably spend too much time at home, but I just love the place so much and I want to make the most of it.

Although I still might end up having to move - there's no way of knowing who will buy the buiding and for what purpose - but at least now there's a possibility I might get to stay.

Hi Carla. Thanks for popping in! I try to have a positive attitude these days - it wasn't always the case. I have my share of cranky or glum days but this blog means I always look for something good about my day.

Hi Anon. Those are wise words. It's great way to approach any significant change. Thanks! Who knows what turn my life will take if I move somewhere else?

I wish this apartment were truly mine but I can't afford to buy a mailbox in this neighbourhood! It is a little shabby - it needs a lick of paint and new carpet - but I don't care. It feels cosy and lived in.