Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hot baths and love

I eased my gym-weary muscles into a nice, hot bath tonight. Aaaaaah. In fact, I always say "Aaaaah" out loud as I sink into the water.

I know it's not good for the skin, but I like my baths really hot, to the point where I think maybe I should step out and top it up with some cold water. But I rarely do.

Getting into the hot bath made me think of something Aussie comedian/writer/musician Josh Earl said recently when asked "What does love feel like?" -

"That second before you get into a bath and it's just a fraction too hot and you contemplate getting out and letting it cool a bit but then you just continue with it and after a minute you realise it was perfect all along and you just had to get used to it."

I like that.

Anyway, now I'm all clean and freshly scrubbed, brushed and moisturised; I've got my comfiest pink stripey pyjamas on and I'm off to bed for an early night. The only thing missing is crisp, clean sheets, tightly tucked in with neat hospital corners. Oh, and someone to cuddle up to, but I won't let the perfect be the enemy of the good (thank you Voltaire and The Happiness Project).



victoria said...

i like having baths, but i still always have to have a shower afterwards...otherwise i just don't feel clean. Lying in the dirty water. not that i am filthy or anything. i have about one bath a year (this year's only one so far was on my birthday, over at the main house in the spa - it was awesome!)

getting in to bed is a nice moment isn't it? i like getting into bed. getting out - not so much. mmmmmmm bed. bye.

Lance said...

Sounds very relaxing! I rarely take baths, but do enjoy a nice hot shower...

Glee Girl said...

@ Victoria I have about one bath a week. Not a spa though. That would be awesome.

You know you're all growed up when you love going to bed and don't want to get out.

@ Lance. I don't know many guys who do take baths. Leo from Zen Habits this week posted that he likes to have baths to get some quiet time but noted that it probably isn't considered "manly". Odd really. Maybe it's because its commonly associated with candles and bubble bath and face masks and girly stuff like that?

I like hot showers too - I only have a bath about once a week.

Anonymous said...

I love baths. A time to relax and ponder. I only get out when it gets cold. I did once try mixing in 50 kg of salt so I could float like they do in the Dead Sea. But it failed miserably.

Glee Girl said...

Hello Anonymous. You really lugged 50 kg of salt into your bath?

Anonymous said...

Yes. I bought a number of bags of salt from a swimming pool supplies shop. I could not dissolve it all, so late one night I took the unused salt down to the river and made the drop, so to speak. But, it is history now, no more bath time philosophy because the place I'm now in does not have a bath. You know, Aristotle had his Peripatetic school of philosophy (they walk and talk), so I reckon this is just a variation on an ancient tradition.