Saturday, September 6, 2008

The joy of specs...and sun kisses

I'm not sure this qualifies as a 'simple pleasure' since it involved spending a few hundred dollars, but it's given me a boost, so what the hell! I got some new glasses today (spectacles, not drinking receptacles). It's like having a micro-makeover.

After more than five years of wearing the same fairly conservative burgundy metallic framed glasses, I decided it was time for something new. The old ones haven't dated and I still like them, but at the start of the year I had my long, wavy hair chopped into a short, spiky crop and I thought it was time I had some funkier specs to go with my new 'do.

And now I have two new pairs! They were two for $250, so I thought, why not? (That's more than $100 less than I paid for my last pair of lenses alone...but I guess it's still
spaving!). Now I'll get to choose which pair to wear every day. I've got a spectacle wardrobe! I can colour co-ordinate with my outfit. They're accessories now, not just a necessity. (I'm tragically colour co-ordinated - sometimes I even match my underwear to my outerwear).

I should take a photo of me wearing them but I'm feeling lazy so I'll just tell you what they're like for now. They're both metallic and rectangular, one with a simple black frame and red plastic arms. The other is rimless along the top, with a gunmetal grey and blue frame and arms.


Clouds might make the world more photogenic, but you can't beat being out and about on a glorious spring day like today. I think it's the first day since the end of summer that the sun has kissed my bare forearms. Mmmmm...warm. It's great to leave the heavy winter jacket and gloves at home.

Jasmine is blooming everywhere and its heady perfume permeates the air like no other flower's. It seems like I can smell it wherever I go, even when I can't see it. It smells divine.


I got asked for directions today when I was walking home from picking up my new glasses. I like being asked for directions, although I don't think I covered myself with glory today. The couple were not native English speakers. I had a little trouble understanding them and I'm not sure I made myself clear, particularly as I ummed and aahed over the easiest way for them to get to their destination (it wasn't close and they wanted to walk).

I was surprised - but pleased - they approached me because I've got a kinda punk Elvis quiff hair do today and shop assistants had been giving me a wide berth. At least I don't scare tourists. Yay!

What's a smell that you love? Did any simple pleasures give you a boost today?


Jim Gaudet said...

Hello Glee Girl, I found your site from Michaels Remarkablogger site. i am interested in your site, it is very nice.
I enjoy the smell of fresh coffee. Just "wuv" it. I live in Costa Rica and it is rain season, so every morning the sun comes out in the early morning (6am) and stays nice until noon time. This is my favorite time, I get up make some coffee and just enjoy the sun. Play my favorite song(Mazzy Star - Fade Into You) while I am relazing.

Keep up the good posts, I have subscribed to your blog and will comment more.


~ Jim

veeroh said...

the smell of skin warmed by the sun

the smell of rain on warm bitumen

the smell of garlic cooking

all smells i like :)

victoria said...

that's me by the way *points up*

Glee Girl said...

Thanks, Jim. That sounds like a very serene way to start the day.

I don't drink cofee and I never used to understand how people could love the smell of it, but the older I get the more I like it. Strange. I still don't drink it though.

Thanks so much for subscribing - you're one of my first!

I've checked out your site too and am sure I will have plenty of questions to ask you. My head is in a spin trying to get a handle on this blogging thing!

Glee Girl said...

Hey, Victoria. Thanks for clearning that up!

I love the smell of rain on bitumen too. It's a smell I associate with hot, humid summer days. Reminds me of primary school a little too.

shonkyness said...

the smell of new shoes... how superficial does that sound? but i just love em, im a shoe maniac!

Emmy said...

My favorite smells...

- Sheets that just came in from the clothesline
- The inside of a coconut after the meat has been scraped out
- Rain on warm bitumen (reminds me of my hometown of Tucson, Arizona where rain is precious and rare)
- The leftover aroma of a spicy meal prepared earlier in the day