Friday, September 19, 2008

The fairytale building...and how to get rich

Melbourne, where I live, has a lot of beautiful old buildings. I have a few favourites, but the one above is my number one at the moment and it's just down the road from my work.

It was completed in 1890 to house Australia's first safe deposit facility, operated by the Melbourne Safe Deposits Co Ltd. It's now an ANZ Bank office. The original vaults in the basement are still largely intact.

It's an example of the Free Gothic style that was popular during Queen Victoria's reign, and it's notable for its off-centre gable and dormer windows (Can you tell I got that from a book on Melbourne's historic buildings?). I love it because it looks like it's from the pages of a fairytale...if there were ever a fairytale set in a city office building. The facade is just so richly and amazingly detailed.

How to get rich

I went to the hairdresser tonight. I reckon if you could bottle and sell that "Wow, I just left the salon and I feel like a new woman!"* feeling, you would get rich.

* I'm assuming it's mostly women who get the "brand new" feeling, but I could be wrong.

Anyone got a favourite building? What feeling would you like to bottle?


Victoria said...

i lived opposite an awesome old art college for a couple of years in the UK, in my home village. it had been derelict for almost 20 years,and the only residents were pigeons. i loved to look from my windows and see it there...

it was eventually pulled down a few years ago due to being beyond renovation, thought people had tried to rescue it (a friend of mine, JRR Tolkien's grandson as a matter of fact, had started a group to save it which i joined)but all hope eventually faded. :(

when the demolition took place, my dad actually went down there and *liberated* a brick for me - it has the stamp of the local brickworks on it. it is currently used as a doorstop in my parents house in France, so part of my beautiful building has survived :)

as for the *new do* feeling - i TOTALLY agree lol...always makes me want to get my glad rags on and go out! :)

Lance said...

OK, I don't get that same feeling after a haircut...but that's just me!!

That building does really have a fairytale look. I know there are building I really like - usually older ones. But I'm not thinking of what they are at the moment...

Feeling I'd like to bottle. The feeling I had when I was married. It was a moment where everything seemed right in the world.

Glee Girl said...

@ Victoria. Great story. Nice that you able to keep a memento even if you have to France to see it...I say that like it's a bad thing!

And yes, it's a shame not to take your new hair for a night out, though I only took mine back to my place to watch the footy.

@ Lance. I think it might be "just guys", not just you (or maybe just straight guys, I'm not sure).

All my fave buildings are old buildings. They just have more character and they were made largely of stone and so intricately designed back in the days when construction was much more of a feat of manpower.

Do you mean the feeling you had the day you were married or back when you were still married?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to bottle the first lungful of sea air & sound of the waves, when you sit on the beach and know you don't have to go home for a few days,all stress & tension seem to go away. Yes .....I have just come back from a few days at the beach !

Glee Girl said...

Hi Anonymous. Yep, I'd buy that.