Sunday, September 7, 2008

More Muppets...and wuv, tru wuv*

I laughed so hard today that I cried a little bit. I went to see Muppet History 101, a series of clips of Jim Henson's early work, one of which was the first appearance of those pink and orange tubal creatures dancing to the jaunty Java tune. It's ridiculously hilarious (like most Muppet skits really!) and I laughed and laughed til I was wiping away tears. I remembered a later version of the skit from The Muppet Show when I was a kid so it had nostalgia value too.

Here is the modern version.

I love it - especially the way the big Java (as they came to be known) takes it so seriously. But it doesn't tickle my funny bone quite as much as the original black and white version where the big Java dances a little more manically (it's rare footage - not lying about on YouTube).

Muppets and sex v2.0

If you thought I couldn't work Muppets and sex into another post, think again! My favourite Muppet is Grover. He's nerdy, kind and well mannered...similar traits to those I look for in a man now that I think of it. Hmmmmm. Anyway, I have a plush Grover who sits on my bed and the last thing I do when I make my bed is to plop Grover down against the pillows.

Sometimes, to my never-ending amusement, he lands in quite a saucy pose. He reclines against the pillow with his legs parted and his arms out in a gesture of invitation. I imagine he's saying, "Oh, hello there ladeeeeeeeez. Come on. Come and get some furry blue monster loving. I know you want me." (It helps if you read that in Grover's voice in your head).

Here he is....

Love and sex

I don't normally read the letters to the editor in the Sunday newspaper magazines, but today I'm glad I did. This is what a woman from New South Wales wrote -

"Sex is awesome when you're young but real love is so much more than that ("Sex and the Suburbs", August 17). My partner of 28 years and I were washing up at the end of a long day. Nat King Cole came on the radio, singing "When I fall in love, it will be forever", and we danced closely around the kitchen with our aprons on. My head was on his shoulder. He is in his late 70s and we don't know how much longer we will have together but we prize every minute and go to sleep holding hands. Real love is a beautiful and tenuous thing - and unexpected. Hold onto it with both hands wherever and from whomever it comes."

We hear so much about marriage breakdown these days and not enough real-life love stories like this one, I think.

My fave word family welcomes two new additions

Puppet. It's just a funny, cutesy word. I heard it a lot today during Muppet History 101.

Cumulonimbus (the fluffy cloud - see comments on Hatches, cool clouds and spaving). I love the way it rolls off the tongue. Sadly, it's not a word you can slip into everyday conversation (unless you're a meteorologist, I guess).

* I'm quoting from The Princess Bride there just in case you thought it was sickening schnookum-wookums talk.

What are your fond memories of The Muppet Show? Who's your favourite Muppet and why? Am I the only 30-something with a stuffed toy on her bed? Got any tru wuv stories to share (yours or others')?


W4Wendy said...

Since I'm not a 30 something, you are still the only one with a muppet on your bed...Elmo is Sesame Street anyhow.
Ooh. This blogplace requires me to have midterm memory as I can't read the blog at ths wame time as commenting...what was the bit I was really going to comment on?

W4Wendy said...

Well now they are side by side anyhow.
So my significant muppet story is that my ex was named after a muppet...not by his Dear old Mum (may she continue to RIP) but by his siblings. He is as UN-Muppetlike as one could imagine except that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Sam. They called him Sam due to his hyperfocus on being proper and doing the right thing. It was so personal that he'd probably still feel embarrassed if this was revealed. That strong focus on values is why he stuck with me for soooo long after he realised that being married couldn't allow him to be true to himself.

W4Wendy said...

That would be Sam the All American Eagle.

Glee Girl said...

Hey W. Did you discover the Show Original Post button above?

Haha, Sam the Eagle was in some of the Muppet History 101 clips. He is very stern and upright, isn't he? He has a very impressive mono-brow also.

I can understand why your ex wouldn't be pleased about the comparison, although now I think about it, there are far worse Muppets to be compared with. Gonzo...Animal...the dude who's always blowing up the set. Definiately Miss Piggy?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah the muppets were good, I enjoyed them when I was younger.
Not going to say how I feel about them now as I haven`t seen them for quite some time.
Good memories though.

Glee Girl said...

I watched The Muppet Movie again on DVD this year and I could NOT get the song "Moving Right Along' out of my head for a week. "Movin' right along da-da-da da-da-da. Footloose and fancy-freeeee. I'm ready for the big time, is it ready for me?" It kept me awake at night! Aaarrrgh! (Incidentally, scientists have studied the "song stuck in head" phenomenon and they have coined the phrase "ear worm" to describe it).

Apparently there is a new Muppet movie in the works and The Muppet Show is now available on DVD with some rare and unseen footage. It's worth having another look as an adult, I reckon - there's layers to it that kids just don't get (as with a lot of family entertainment).