Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Favourites - smells

FIVE SMELLS I LOVE (in no particular order)

  1. Fresh lemons

  2. Vanilla

  3. Fresh baked bread

  4. Clean clothes straight out of the clothes dryer

  5. Oriental lilies.


What are your favourite smells?


victoria said...

1. rain on hot bitumen

2. fresh cut grass

3. orange blossom

4. skin after being in the sun

5. baby powder

Lance said...

1. Fresh cut grass (good choice Victoria)
2. Hot asphalt
3. Hot coffee
4. Grilled steak

Carla said...

1. Tomato plants (right out of the garden - an early childhood smell of mine)

2. Line dried clothes.

3. The smell of rain on concrete.

4. Citrus and French lavender essential oils.

Meri said...

1. crisp air in the mountains
2. cinnammon
3. vanilla
4. hot coffee
5. mint tea

Marelisa said...

1. Jasmines
2. Freshly baked bread
3. Fresh coffee
4. Lavender
5. Christmas tree

W4Wend said...

W4WooHoo! I finally worked out how to get here from the email version.
My favourite smells are

1. sexy man smell... the bottled splash on sort is fine... on a bloke whose neck is close enough to sniff...I'm not sure what my favourite is called, but I can recognise it even in a crowd if some bloke is using the one I love

2. Lavender fresh off the bush

3. Bergamont in one of those candle heated smelly oil aromatherapy things

4. Body Shop White Musk products

5. Mint

Small Footprints said...

1. The smell of the forest just after a rain.
2. My cat after she's been basking in the sun.

Small Footprints

Stephanie said...

1. Freesias, jasmine, gardenias
2. Onions and garlic being sauteed
3. Driving through the Otways with the windows open
4. Fresh brewed coffee
5. The ocean

So many nice smells around now that spring has sprung!

Glee Girl said...

Hello everyone. Some great lists there - quite a few similarities too (coffee, fresh cut grass, rain on bitumen/concrete) and plenty that I could have easily put on my list. It was hard to pick just five!

Victoria... I love the smell of baby powder too. So clean and fresh.

Lance.. . mmmm, yeah, grilled steak. Especially cooked out in the open.

Carla...yes, the smell of tomato plants reminds me of my childhood too! We had tomato plants growing wild in the plantation behind our house and we used to play out here and have tomato fights. I'd forgotten about that. Thanks.

Meri...I like the smell of mint tea too. It's so refreshing.

Marelisa. Yes, real Christmas trees (obviously - I'm sure you don't sniff the fake ones!) I'm guessing that you love Christmas and it's a happy time for you and your family.

Wendy....yay! You made it! Although I'm generally anti fake aroma (I prefer clean man skin above anything), there are a few aftershaves that I really like. Is the one you really like perhaps the cologne that someone special (or maybe just very sexy!) in your life wore?

Small Footprints...sunbaked cat. Hehe. I know what you mean though. 10 points for picking one no one else mentioned!

Stephanie...yep, spring certainly is a sensory delight. And the's been a good five years since I've visited. Something for my to do list.

Thanks for sharing, guys! Tune in next Friday for more Friday Faves.