Saturday, August 6, 2011

Red Dog, Heide, rainbows

I saw the new Australian movie Red Dog last night. It was utterly delightful -  a simple, charming story with likeable characters, romance, emotion and laconic humour, set against a harshly beautiful backdrop. I laughed and I shed tears. There's a few ruggedly handsome men in little Stubby shorts if that's your thing... It was the 70s).

Luke and I went to the Heide Museum of Modern Art today. Apart from a couple of works, I have to say the art didn't really grab me, but I liked this little shack and the cows in the grounds.

I also liked the library in Heide I, the original house on the property, which Sunday and John Reed lived in and which is now one of the three galleries that make up the museum. I couldn't take photos in there, but you can see it here.

It rained lightly on and off today.. The drops made a satisfying little 'phut, phut, phut' as they hit Luke's umbrella when we were wandering the gardens at Heide. Driving home, we saw a rainbow.  

I saw a rainbow when I walking home yesterday too. It was in the east, as the sun set spectacularly in the west (albeit a little fuzzy due to autofocus issues with phone camera).

Lunch  - the first time I've had borsch at Borsch Vodka and Tears

Yummy hot chocolate at VBT too

Rain drops on roses...this rose in the garden at
 Heide smelled divine 

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