Saturday, August 27, 2011

All you needs is love...and bees and music and robots

Say "Honey!"

I stopped to take this photo near my building  - spring blossoms! blue sky! - and when I zoomed right in, I saw bees harvesting pollen.  Bees!  This one says hello.

I have some new music to share with you. I saw the video for this on Rage last night. Raphael Saadiq. Love it.

And this afternoon, while streaming Adelaide's Three D Radio online*, I heard a new track by the Dex Romweber Duo (among many other awesome tunes) and discovered they have a new album out. Hurrah.

* My very first blog comment, back in the olden days of Myspace, was from Jade, who hosts a couple of shows on Three D, including (The Whole) Kit and Caboodle. Thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, I can listen online. If you like your music with lashings of rockabilly, country, blues, gospel, funk, swing and "dreamy creamy mashed potato pop", I urge you - nay, I beseech you - to check out Three D. Now, I sez!

I have some other fabulous stuff to share with you too. If you're into love (who isn't, really?) and letter writing and especially the two of them combined, take a look at The World Needs More Love Letters. This lovely project grew out of one girl's attempts to ease her loneliness while travelling. She started handwriting love letters and leaving them in places for people  - complete strangers - to find. She left them in library books and cafe menus and on trains. She wrote 400 letters and then launched the website to help other people spread the love - you can write love letters and request a love letter for yourself or someone in need of a bit of love. I this.  

If that's not enough love for ya, check out J's Love Project on her site, Zebra Sounds (which is where I read about Love Letters).  She writes about her year of "consciously, unabashedly, fearlessly spreading the love".  

"In January, I made a public declaration that 2011 would be my year of loving fearlessly. It's a project. A mission. My personal rebellion because here’s the thing: snark is funny, cynicism is cool, but I think the real badasses in this world LOVE... "

I couldn't agree more. There's also links to many awesome things on her site, especially if you like reading and writing and well, awesome things.

I'm still addicted to etsy. I love this clock and this badge and these bookends.

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