Friday, August 19, 2011


Early morning. The worm is oblivious to his fate...
(That's grass, not his heart rate)

Today is the last week day of my break AND I WAS UP EARLY AGAIN!  I woke at 7.00am and got up an hour later. There wasn't even a barking dog or leaf blower or chainsaw. What sort of topsy turvey world is this?!  Actually, I didn't go back to sleep because I was looking forward to doing the stuff I'd planned - I was excited to get started and I want to fit as much in as I can. I probably have too many projects on the go to fit into the time before I got back to work so I don't want to waste too long sleeping (Who am I and what have I done with me?). I'm sure this will change when I'm back at work.

So what did I do? Well! I finished base-coating the canvas I'm using for my colllage of old family photos. Look at how the paint came out of the tube! *giggle*

I also got the photos printed today.  Most are not in pristine condition - a little faded, a few wrinkles -  but I think that suits the character of the collage. I can't wait to finish it and display it.

I also had a gorgeous baby photo of my Dad printed and framed .

And this photo of my parents when they were young:

And this photo of Luke and me (the big reveal!) , which my mother took a few weeks ago. I was laughing because Mum said "Say  sex!" instead of "Say cheese!". Parents, eh?  I did also print the version of me with my eyes open, but I like this one too even though its a "blooper".

I bought  more kids' books. I couldn't resist - five classic paperback picture books of Australian classics - Click Go the Shears exquisitely illustrated by Robert Ingpen; AB Paterson's Waltzing Matilda and The Man from Snowy River; The Rainbow Serpent by Dick Roughsey; Advance Australia Fair (the national anthem with beautiful Australian paintings) and the fabulous Mulga Bill's Bicycle (also AB Paterson). I loved Mulga Bill as a kid. They were only $20 for the set and they came in this ace book bag with Mulga Bill and "My Bag of Best Books" on it! 

I spent more time lurking in art and craft shops. Just as well I'm going back to work next week! I bought a table top easel to display my photo collage and some heavy cardboard to make frames for some lovely arty cards I want to display (it's damned near impossible to find square frames, so I'm making them), among a few more bits and bobs. So many projects, so little time...

I got a text message from Luke (yeee!) telling me about the place he's staying in - a former pub built in the 1840s. He's in the attic room, which he accesses via a narrow, creaky spiral staircase. Sounds fantastic!  I have asked for photos. I wish I were there to see it. (Related: he's only been gone a few days and I miss him already.)

I forgot to mention my copy of Dr Seuss & Philosophy: Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!  arrived and I have started reading it. It's a little journey into philosophy using Dr Seuss as a guide. I haven't got far yet as I've been reading it before bed and I'm tired.

Bananas on toast. Yum. You have to smoosh the bananas though. Somehow the smooshing brings out the flavour.

I've got a new favourite word, though sadly not one I can use in daily conversation: meniscus. I remember this from science class (chemistry, not anatomy). I suppose it does broadly mean crescent..."Look at the beautiful meniscus moon!". I'm going to use it.

I think that's all. So much glee lately. I am effervescent with happiness and creative energy. FMLR!

No, wait! I also saw (and ate) the world's cutest baby baguettes from a hole-in-the-wall vendor on Flinders Street. Yum.


Andrew said...

Your Luke looks nice. But your Mum and Dad look great. I am a child of seventies, who observed the sixties.

Frisky Librarian said...

He is nice. :)

I don't have many photos of mum and dad together before they had kids so I'm glad I have this. I found it with a lot of photos that I got from my Dad after he died and many of those Dad got from his mother (the *really* old ones I'm making the collage with).

This would have been taken in very early 1970, I think. Mum says disdainfully, 'Oh, look at the cigarette in my hand', but I think it adds a little something extra.