Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A compliment a day keeps grumpiness at bay

We have a new internet-based business services tool at work which I have used a few times now to get work done by our print room. I emailed the project manager today to tell her how much I like it and to pass on my compliments to her team.

She replied and said she sent my email to the team and they all had smiles on their faces courtesy of me. Yay! That put a smile on my face. It's just SO easy to make others feel good that there's no reason not to do it every day.  A genuine compliment is a powerful thing. I'm going to compliment someone every day (not that I didn't already pay compliments freely).

I got a delivery from etsy.com today - a handmade shrug (the super-cropped jacket-type garment, that is!). I love getting that "you have a personal delivery to collect" email from the mail room. The Etsy seller also put a (yet to be inflated) red balloon and a little packet of lollies in with my order.  How sweet.

How do you like my big red sausage?

She also enclosed a thank you card with a cute little embossed kitten on the envelope.

More comments are coming in on my 39 Secrets of Adulthood post via The Happiness Project. This makes me very happy - the connectiong with like-minded people most of all. I've got a few new followers as well, which is a bonus.

Tonight's blogging beverage: tonic, lime and mandarin juice and vanilla sugar. Tasteee. 

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Andrew said...

If that is the uninflated red balloon, I would hate to see it inflated.