Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Still mild, wiggle room, good timing

Today I didn't even need to wear a cardigan on my walk to work to keep warm - just a top with elbow length sleeves and arm warmers covering my forearms. And the arm warmers came off before I got to work.

I have been struggling to get up for work, as predicted, but I have forced myself to get up just 10 minutes earlier than usual. It's nice having the extra wiggle room in what was an extremely tight morning routine to ensure I arrived at work on time. I do enjoy a wiggle in the morning....

I found a purple rollerball pen in the coping room at work. Finders keepers.

I was feeling cranky coming home on the tram tonight and then I got a text message from Luke that made me smile.

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Frisky Librarian said...

Hehe. The "coping room". That's funny. It was the copYing room.