Monday, August 22, 2011

Mild, fruity, new old sign

Me heading back to the office

It's still winter, but I went to work without a jacket today. My new red cardy was enough to keep me warm.

We've got passionfruit in our fruit box at work at the moment. Yum. I love the smell and the taste of passionfruit. Someone also brought in the surplus supply of lemons from their tree for people to help themselves to. Don't mind if I do. Thanks.

I'm sure this sign on Russell Street wasn't there before - it looks like they have removed a billboard that pre-dated the paint job. It also looks like there's an even older sign underneath the Abbotts Lager one. Not surprisingly, it's on the side of a building that is or was a pub.

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Andrew said...

I was around about at Bourke Street on the western side of Swanston street and I looked north and it was a case of 'how come I don't remember that old sign?' Yours is explained. Mine is I expect a case of missing the obvious.