Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to normal programming: smilewhale, FMLR, crafty

I got up early again today - 7.00am! That's an hour earlier than on a work day. OK, I admit it was only because the yappy dog over the back was yappy, but I got SO much done. I have been a creative machine.  

To start, Doodle of the Day:

Yappy Dog woke me from a dream where I was having a philosophical discussion about the protection of a rare whale/dinosaur creature I had found, so I etch-a-sketched a whale (because I'm not good enough to draw a whalosaurus). I used my happy whale to cheer up a friend on Twitter who is blue. She said he's much better than failwhale, thus I have dubbed him smilewhale.  (Can you tell that I'm loving my $15 Etch-A-Sketch?)

 After that taxing artistic endeavour, I basecoated a canvas in preparation for creating my old family photo collage. There was something very satisfying about painting the white canvas black - watching the patches of white disapper, seeing how much paint I could can squeeze out of my foam brush thing. I even like the smell of the paint.

Then I hung a pair of little mirrors I bought from Lincraft (and cardboard).

I used some of my bits and bobs from Clegs to make a button brooch. It was like all of those buttons were made to fit together. Took me five minutes to make it and I'm happy with the result.  

(Middle button is shiny silver)

I also made something else, which was quite time consuming and required me to go up the street to buy a thimble and dredge up long-lost sewing skills, but I can't show you the thing for reasons I also can't reveal. Secret squirrel. I'm quite pleased with my protoype though.

And then I wrote my Gleeful special edition 39 Secrets of Adulthood and Stuff, which I'm rather pleased with.

Oh, I've also created an ace new Twitter hashtag to counterbalance a common one that gets my goat: #FML (f**k my life), mostly used for complaining about minor irritations such as breaking nails, lunch time meetings and running out of milk. I propose this: FMLR - F**k, my life rocks. Please use it, Twitter people.

I've made up some new words lately too - substituterus (an alternative to the creepy 'gestational carrier') and flabbygasting, which is how you feel when you first notice you have tuckshop lady arms (not that I do).

When I was up the street to get my thimble, I spotted a new old sign. I've walked past it hundreds of times and never noticed it. It is very faded though.

Hint: It says ENTRANCE

I heard from Luke, who's arrived in England. Yay.

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