Sunday, August 7, 2011

New arrival, old faithful and a lovely library

A football floating on the Yarra

Very big gleeful news - my friend Paul became a dad for the first time last night! I'm looking forward to meeting the new arrival, Eliza Grace, this week.

I had a pleasant day out today. I walked up to Southgate to see if the shop where I bought my favourite black and white striped top still had them in stock. I've worn and washed it to death and haven't been able to find something similar elsewhere. I didn't have high hopes  - I bought the top at least two years ago. But they had it! And in my size! And for the same price! It's part of their basics range. Yay.

I visited Michael's Camera House to see the exhibition of Jonathan Pearlman's photos of the Victorian Supreme Court. I've heard the court's library is one of Melbourne's finest interiors and if Jonathan's photos are anything to go by, it certainly is stunning. I must see it with my own eyes. Unfortunately it's only open to the public a couple of times a year and I think I've missed out for 2011. Boo.

PS Thank you to those who have requested a mix tape. I'm excited to make them but I'm a bit slow getting started. Stay er...tuned.

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