Monday, August 29, 2011

A little bit thrilling

I discovered last night that Gretchen Rubin, of The Happiness Project, posted a link to my 39 Secrets of Adulthood on her blog. I'm a little thrilled, I have to tell you. Yes, I did email her and she often links to her readers' blogs (she's very involved in her community) but still...she is a New York Times bestselling author, you know. 

I had some extra traffic as a result of Gretchen's link, which warms my bloggy heart - I do like to see new faces in the comments. One of the new visitors, Meagan, is from Melbourne too! It's weird but cool that she arrived at my blog via the United States. She left a lovely comment saying my blog had brightened her evening. I read her comment as I was leaving work after a frustrating and long day, so her comment had the same effect on me. It's the circle of happiness. (I liked Meagan's post about The Fish Philosophy.)

Oh, while paying a return visit to the blog of another new commenter, I read about - a site that aims to spread  kindness. It's slowly dawned on me how big a happiness boost I get from doing nice things for others  - possibly even bigger than the boost I get from people doing nice things for me - so I'm keen to check out the ideas there.

Speaking of people doing nice things for me, a friend of a friend on Facebook (who I'd never heard of until tonight) has offered to lend his technical know-how to help give my blogs a make-over. People really are rather nice, aren't they? (I've decided I want my blogs - Gleeful in particular - to look less generic and more 'me'. Stay tuned.)

I'm drinking tonic water with lime and passionfruit juice as I type this. It's deliciously, refreshingly sweet and sour.


Dina said...

Congratulations! That's pretty exciting. I think most of us bloggers don't get paid for our least not with money. So our joy comes from comments, mentions on other websites, new visitors, etc.

Deidre said...

Aw this is so exciting. I love getting comments from Big Time bloggers.