Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm just a d-d-dork addicted to haberdashery

How has it taken me so long to discover the joy of Google Translate? Type in the word 'dork' and then after it translates, tap the 'listen' button at fairly rapid but irregular intervals. The lady translator in the computer does the stutter-rap. Dork-dork-d-d-d-d-dork-dor-dork-dork-dork. That kept me entertained and cackling for many minutes yesterday. As did translating silly expressions and rude words into German. It was ace Hosen.  Arcuh-hawzen-ar-ar-arcuh-haw-haw-hawzen. Maybe you had to be there...Sigh.

Yesterday was an absolutely stunning winter's day in Melbourne. It's back to gloomy today, but the smell of jasmine on the night air and the blooming of magnolias tells me that spring is packing its bags and wondering where it left its car keys.

Sometimes when I'm at home I can hear a currawong calling. It reminds me of my wonderful get-away to Walhalla with Luke for my birthday in July.

I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to haberdashery, and art and craft stores. I can wander for ages looking at all the bits and bobs and pretty things. I used to wander around feeling an urge to get crafty and then walk out empty-handed. But yesterday I went a bit bonkers in Clegs and spent $70 (and got a receipt longer than my arm. Literally). It was like I was on The Price is Right: Crafters Edition. I have several little (and easy) projects planned for my week off (which started today. Hurrah!).

Luke is going overseas for a couple of weeks tomorrow night. I bought him this to take with him as a sort of tiny proxy me.

There's a very cute moose in the hoose

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